The range of available products include:

Compact track mountable lights

Retrofit PAR30 size LED lamps

LED PAR Can lighting instruments

Control systems made by Luxium

      - wireless DMX 

      - bluetooth mobile app


Luxium Product Overview - Summer 2017
An Overview of products made by Luxium.
Luxium Product Overview Sheet - JULY 201[...]
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All Luxium products are based on USA-engineered and manufactured light engines with these proprietary features:

  • Flicker-free operation and smooth,full-range dimming
  • Unique 6-channel additive-color system for full color gamut
  • Calibrated light output and color temperature for consistent unit to unit results
  • Wide range of pre-set CCTS, from 2200K to 6500K, all with CRI > 94
  • Available with Wired DMX, Wireless DMX, or wireless Bluetooth control
  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • 3-year Warranty
  • UL and cUL approvals
  • Highest efficacy for RGBLW color-tunable lighting instruments


ZiGi - ZG20, Compact, Wateproof , Full-color luminaires with Calibrated CCT whites and Controlled with Bluetooth or Wireless DMX 


ZIGI- The new ZiGi compact color spot is the perfect instrument for lighting up performances, festivals, events, clubs, shops, parks and architectural spaces.

With convenient wireless control options, small size and power supply versatility, the Zigi can be installed almost anywhere to provide exquisite color washes and accents or high fidelity whites for spotlighting performances or works of art. Controllable with DMX or from a mobile device with the Luxium app, the ZiGi from Luxium is an ideal solution for events, shows, hospitality, theaters, architainment and retail settings.


The ZG20 utilizes the same light engine as the original ZR30.


It uses the highest light output LEDs from Osram, Cree and Philips,

delivering the world's highest efficacy for color-changing lights.


ZiGi Cut Sheet
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TRIUMPH TR30 and TR40 Additive-color luminaires with full-color range and calibrated CCT whites plus wireless DMX control


TRIUMPH - For users who need an all-in-one lighting instrument we’ve developed the TRIUMPH Series as a family of affordable stage lights with high brightness and wireless DMX control in a compact and lightweight fixture that is easy to handle. These lights work great for events, showrooms and small to medium size theaters that want to save power and space and get the full-color output of much bigger and less efficient LED fixtures.


The TR30 and TR40 utilizes the same light engine as the original ZR30.


It uses the highest light output LEDs from Osram, Cree and Philips,

delivering the world's highest efficacy for color-changing lights.


TR30 TRIUMPH Series Brochure.pdf
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TR30 Operator Guide
TR30 Operator Guide, 0317.pdf
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TR30 Data Sheet
TR30 Adaptable LED DMX luminaire, datash[...]
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Luxium Wireless DMX Quick Start Guide - [...]
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The revolutionary ZOBO family brings wireless controlled, full-color lamps for retrofit in existing E26 sockets.


Equivalent light output to a 150W incandescent, eliminating the need for gel filters and triac dimmers:

  • Includes DMX control in a PAR30 lamp!
  • for PAR cans, tracklights, borderlights.
  • professional RGBLW stage light with unprecedented performance
  • outpacing many competitive RGBLW PAR LEDs units in brightness, beam quality and dimming performances
  • Available for wired or wireless DMX applications and can use bluetooth control for set up and operation.


ZR30 Additive-color retrofit lamp with full-color range and calibrated CCT whites plus wired or wireless DMX control


We created the ZR series as a family that grew from the original ZR30. It is a line retrofit LED lights with all the functionality of theater instruments and include wireless or wired control but in a small PAR30 form factor for easy upgrade of existing sockets, PAR Cans and Strip lights. Great for adding color to any room or event because it's so easy to install.


More about the ZR30


The Luxium ZR30 incorporates 6-color tunable LED technology to deliver precise white or colored light that flatters any performance, event or exhibition. 

Designed for ultimate versatility the ZR30 can be installed into many different kinds of lighting fixtures with an Edison E26 screw-in base including; 


  • PAR30/38 Cans
  • Border-lights
  • Strip-lights
  • Light Bars 
  • Track-lights
  • Recessed downlights
  • Events lighting, versatile and handy


As a color lighting instrument, the FullColor ZR30 is equipped with 6 different emitter colors and intelligent on-board control, to make a full and incredibly wide range of useful color combinations.


The ZR30 is also available in tunable white configurations, using a different set of emitters. 


The HouseLight White version is useful in auditoriums, lobbies, churches and other large and small spaces, with controllable color temperature from 2700K to 3500K.  Smooth and perfect dimming is achieved using DMX control or Bluetooth app, mobile device control, depending on product configuration.


There are 12 preset white colors selectable in the Gallery White version of the light engine.  The tunable whites range from 2400K CCT warm 'tungsten' with a CRI > 97 to 6500K with CRI > 92. 


These presets are conveniently accessible in the Bluetooth app, or by using a DIP switch, providing 2400, 2700, 2850, 3000, 3250, 3500, 3800, 4000, 4500, 5600 and 6500K outputs.  The highest light output is achieved at a 4250K setting where the lamp will produce a minimum of 1950 lumens, equivalent to a 150W incandescent bulb.


Find specs above, including both Full Color, House Light and Gallery White versions.

Interchangeable diffusers allow for multiple beam angles, ranging from narrow spot to wide flood.  A desired beam pattern can easily be achieved with all Luxium products.


With many ready-to-use operating modes and built-in sequences

this lamp is ideal for wash-lighting or spot-lighting in any kind of situation

where a directional beam is desired.


The ZR30-AX1 - Features Wireless DMX control
 (requires Wi-DMX transmitter)


The ZR30-DX1 - Features direct DMX
control over Cat5 cable.

ZR30 Series Brochure
ZR30 ZORRO Series Brochure.pdf
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ZR30 Quick Start Guide
ZR30 Quick Start Guide, 0916.pdf
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ZR30 Operator Guide
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ZR30 Data Sheet
ZR30 Adaptable LED DMX lamp, datasheet.p[...]
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Luxium Wireless DMX Quick Start Guide - [...]
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ZOBO - NEW!  Z1 and Z2 - Amazing LED Bluetooth Performance Lights


ZOBO - We created the ZOBO Series as a family of low-cost but advanced LED lamps with serious lighting technology that fit standard sockets, have breakthrough energy efficiency and are easy to use with a wireless Bluetooth mobile app. These lights are great for providing a full-range of intense saturated colors and high quality white lighting for areas that need directional or wash light effects.


We're expanding the ZOBO line so everyone can afford a colorful light.

If you want to know more and follow the campaign just click here.

For mobile applications anywhere full-color controlled light is needed

ZOBO - Quick Start Guide
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ZOBO Data Sheet
ZOBO Series, full-color bluetooth lamps,[...]
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Diffuser Kit - data and user guide
The DIFFUSER KIT contains 5 beam-shaping disks, including the d30 which can be used to match the beam of an incandescent 150W PAR38 flood light.
ZR30-DK1 5-piece diffuser kit data.pdf
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Lamp Cage for PAR30 lamps
Cage and Clamps for ZR30 and ZOBO LED la[...]
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