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The goal of Luxium is to reinvent theater lighting technology so everyone can have a colorful life. People love the quality of the lighting experience they get from going to the theater. We think it would be awesome if everyone and every place could have the same experience? 

We design and build our products in Portland, Oregon USA and want to make the best products possible for our customers who want to enjoy great lighting.

Who we are

Luxium was born in 2015 when its founder, Arlie Conner heard about the phase-out of incandescent bulbs used in stage lights and thought that making a small retrofit LED lamp for border-light sockets would be a wonderful upgrade for old theaters.

Knowing a great deal about LEDs and color and optics from his days of inventing some of the worlds first full-color office projectors he knew that LED technologies could be adapted to fit small places and still give high performance beams of full-color light. That sparked the idea which grew into our first product.

In 2015, we launched the ZR30, a PAR30 size DMX enabled directional stage light with a proprietary additive-color LED light engine. It is the smallest and lightest and most power efficient retrofit stage lamp in the market.

Since then our mission has been very simple. Push the boundaries of affordable performance for compact yet powerful adjustable LED lights. Our objective is to make innovative colorful lights that can be used not only in the theater but also in the real world where there is a great need for better quality colorful lighting that’s easy to use.

Our Products

We have developed different lines of product to meet different customer needs.

TRIUMPH - For users who need an all-in-one lighting instrument we’ve developed the TRIUMPH Series as a family of affordable stage lights with high brightness and wireless DMX control in a compact and lightweight fixture that is easy to handle. These lights work great for events, showrooms and small to medium size theaters that want to save power and space and get the full-color output of much bigger and less efficient LED fixtures.

ZORRO – We created the ZORRO series as a family that grew from the original ZR30. It is a line retrofit LED lights with all the functionality of theater instruments and include wireless or wired control but in a small PAR30 form factor for easy upgrade of existing sockets, PAR Cans and Strip lights. Great for adding color to any room or event because it's so easy to install.

ZOBO - We created the ZOBO Series as a family of low-cost but advanced LED lamps with serious lighting technology that fit standard sockets, have breakthrough energy efficiency and are easy to use with a wireless Bluetooth mobile app. These lights are great for providing a full-range of intense saturated colors and high quality white lighting for areas that need directional or wash light effects.

Our Technology

At Luxium, we are dedicated to making the most useful directional LED lighting products in the world. We bring together the most advanced technologies and ideas to make additive-color LED lamps with market leading efficiency and visual performance to rival professional theatrical lighting systems.

We obsess over the quality and capability of our products while looking for every way possible to make them more affordable. We manufacture in the USA and make sure our lamps meet rigorous safety, reliability and quality standards.

Customer Focus

At Luxium, our customers and their satisfaction come first. We love hearing from our customers, whether its positive encouragement or suggestions for improvements. Many of our new ideas for products and features come about from listening to our customers and finding ways to solve their needs.

If all the people who use our products and supports us are happy, then we are happy as well. Reach us with your questions, comments, feedback or suggestions at sales@luxium.co

Meet the Team


Luxium strives to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

Please meet our team. We look forward to working with you!

Arlie Conner



Phone: 503-780-4306

Email: arliec@luxium.co

Tom Roth


VP of Sales

Phone: 503-442-2339

Email: sales@luxium.co

Roger Hicks


VP of Marketing and Product Management

Phone: 503-807-7627

Email:  rogerh@luxium.co

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