Applications for color-adjustable LED performance lights

Luxium offers a range of products for different applications in two basic form factors:


The all-in-one instruments like the TRIUMPH series are self-contained lighting systems enclosed in a rugged housing and ready to use.


The retrofit instruments like the ZORRO series are made to fill standard sockets and can be used in new locations or as retrofits for exisiting incandescent bulbs.


With a directional beam of uniform blended light and smooth dimming capability all Luxium lights are suitable for highlighting and are specially designed to make people and things look good.


Luxium lights are small in size and big on brightness so now you can have the lighting you need where you need it.


Whether you use Luxium lights for live performances or for static displays, adding just the right amount of color to the actors, or to the background or to the object of art, the applications are endless.

Containing many ready-to-use operating modes and built-in sequences this lamp is ideal for wash-lighting of:


• Dividers, Curtains and Tents

• Gallery Exhibits and Retail Showcases

• Architectural  and Structural Elements


With smooth flicker-free dimming (to zero) the ZR30 enhances live performance and lighting of venues including:


• Theaters

• Houses of worship

• Concert halls

• Nightclubs

• Event centers

• Retail showrooms

• Auditoriums

Retrofit Lamps


The PAR30 size of the ZORRO and ZOBO product lines has been developed with the retrofit market in mind.  LEDs offer so many advantages over old incandescent bulbs and now it's easy to upgrade.


For any E26 socket where there is a short-life, power-hungry, incandescent bulb, you can now install a solid-state multi-color LED lamp that will match or exceed the light output of the old configuration.


The retrofit LED lamps have built-in dimming and wireless DMX control direct to the lamp you avoid the costs and headaches of maintaining inefficient dimmer racks too.


With better brighness, more colors, higher efficiency and wireless DMX control the retrofit lamps from Luxium are the lowest cost and easiest way for theaters to get new LED lights for washlighting the curtain or stage.




For upgrading a border light - a single ZR30 can replace 3 conventional 150W incandescent PAR38 bulbs (that use color-filter gels or roundels) with more lumens and improved color gamut.


They use just 24W each compared to a combination of gel-filtered bulbs that use 450 Watts or more, and output less light.


We compared the light output from a ZR30 with the light output from a typical 150W incandescent flood using gel filters. 


The results show that for Red, Green and Blue, the luminance for each color primary is matched or exceeded with a single ZR30 !



Instead of a fixed color, each fixture is now able to produce a full range of colors.  By using DMX512 fade commands, the dimming is smooth and reliable. 


The dimmer pack is bypassed or 'parked' so as to not dim, since the level is not controlled through the AC power line, but is set digitally through the DMX signal.


The ZR30 delivers a 25 degree beam angle which can be modified with optional diffusers. To match a 150W halogen flood, order a 'd30' diffuser and snap it into the notch in the bezel of the ZR30.


A typical 30 foot batten in a theater uses 60 incandescent bulbs and more than 7000 watts of power.

With the ZR30 there is a need for only 20 or 30 units and the power consumption goes down by 90%.


The retrofit of an old striplight system to LED lamps from Luxium is a great way to improve your lighting capabilities and save money.


They pay for themselves quickly in energy cost savings!


Please download this file for more information about doing a striplight upgrade to LEDs

Striplight LED upgrade Overview
Information about the justification and benefits of upgrading theater striplights with LED retrofit lamps
Striplight LED upgrade Overview.pdf
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