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At Luxium, we are dedicated to making the most useful directional LED lighting products in the world. We bring together the most advanced technologies and ideas to make additive-color LED lamps with market leading efficiency and visual performance to rival professional theatrical lighting systems. To meet the needs of many kinds of applications we have developed both stand-alone fixtures and screw-base lamps for standard sockets.






Luxium products are designed to be affordable, small, rugged and lightweight with higher performance than other LED lights more than twice the size




Luxium uses exclusive additive-color LED lighting technology to produce stunning, rich saturated colors as well as subtle shades and tints, useful for stage, studio, retail and event lighting demands


Incredible Whites


Tunable over a wide range, producing calibrated whites from 2200K to 6500K at beam angles from 20 to 60 degrees, all Luxium lights have the versatility to meet any demanding lighting design need


Complete Control


With multiple control options, from pre-set colors and sequences, to wired or wireless operation using DMX512, to a new Bluetooth version, Luxium lights are easy to operate in any situation



See What's New

The NEW Triumph TR40 Color-adjustable DMX luminaire from Luxium™  with more lighting power than any other compact size, color-adjustable LED fixture


The Triumph series is a powerful but affordable family of lighting instruments design to be compact while delivering high-quality full-color performance.

Outside is a handsome and lightweight aluminum package only four inches across and six inches long with interchangeable diffusers and versatile mounting options for quick and easy set-up in any venue.

Inside is the powerful Luxium-designed adjustable-color LED engine with proprietary 6-channel color blending using 19 high intensity LEDs. Controllable by wired or wireless DMX. The innovative LED driver technology creates precise colors with no flicker and smooth, full-range dimming along with market leading efficacy and a wide selection of pre-calibrated white CCTs.

The Triumph TR40 sets a new standard in energy efficiency and precision lighting for theater and film productions and brings new capability to retailers, architects and gallery operators. It's a smart choice for event companies, lighting designers and stage lighting experts who need versatile performance for high-visibility places.

This instrument can easily replace much larger and hotter PAR56 can lights that use 300W flood light bulbs used in stage light with gel filters.

Brilliant – 2500 white lumens with uniform narrow beam

Calibrated - 2400K to 6500K whites, all >97 CRI

DMX - wireless and wired versions with perfect dimming       

Efficient – uses less than 36W to produce >2500 lumens

Friendly – many preset color modes and sequences

For Stage, Event, Hospitality, Showroom
and Other High Visibility Places


Get the Triumph TR40

NOW selling for $299 each*
* TR40-DX1 (wired DMX) with this special offer.

Seeing is Believing – Call for a Demo! 
The TR40 is made in the USA. All products are safety listed and guaranteed by a 3-Year Limited Warranty. Available direct from Luxium.



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