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Luxium products are designed to be affordable, small, rugged and lightweight with higher performance than other LED lights more than twice the size




Luxium uses exclusive additive-color LED lighting technology to produce stunning, rich saturated colors as well as subtle shades and tints, useful for stage, studio, retail and event lighting demands


Incredible Whites


Tunable over a wide range, producing calibrated whites from 2200K to 6500K at beam angles from 20 to 60 degrees, all Luxium lights have the versatility to meet any demanding lighting design need


Complete Control


With multiple control options, from pre-set colors and sequences, to wired or wireless operation using DMX512, to a new Bluetooth version, Luxium lights are easy to operate in any situation



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Product Families

At Luxium, we are dedicated to making the most useful directional LED lighting products in the world. We bring together the most advanced technologies and ideas to make additive-color LED lamps with market leading efficiency and visual performance to rival professional theatrical lighting systems. To meet the needs of many kinds of applications we have developed both stand-alone fixtures and screw-base lamps for standard sockets.

TRIUMPH TR30 Additive-color luminaire with full-color range and calibrated CCT whites plus wireless DMX control

ZORRO ZR30 Additive-color retrofit lamp with full-color range and calibrated CCT whites plus wired or wireless DMX control

ZOBO - NEW! - Amazing LED Bluetooth Performance Light

The revolutionary ZORRO and ZOBO families are true retrofit  lamps

 equivalent light output to a 150W incandescent, eliminating the need for gel filters and triac dimmers:

  • for PAR cans, tracklights, borderlights.
  • professional RGBLW stage light with unprecedented performance
  • outpacing many competitive RGBLW PAR LEDs units in brightness, beam quality and dimming performances

All Luxium products are based on USA-engineered light engines with these proprietary features:

  • Flicker-free operation and smooth,full-range dimming
  • Unique 6-channel additive-color system for full color gamut
  • Calibrated light output and color temperature for consistent unit to unit results
  • Wide range of pre-set CCTS, from 2200K to 6500K, all with CRI > 94
  • Available with Wired DMX, Wireless DMX, or wireless Bluetooth control
  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • 3-year Warranty
  • UL and cUL approvals
  • Highest efficacy for RGBLW color-tunable lighting instruments

For a quick overview of current product families and basic information please download this sheet

Luxium Product Overview
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